• Poker, Slots or Roulette, What are the Top Casino Games?

    Poker, Slots or Roulette, What are the Top Casino Games?

    What are the top casino games, poker, slots, or roulette? It depends a lot on your perspective. 


    If you own a casino, there's no question as to which generates the most revenue and that's slots. Slot machines take in 70 percent of all revenue in a casino, whether that be a physical or an online casino.  


    And why do slot players contribute consistently to 70 percent of the casino's income if the payoffs for a 1 cent machine are only 88 percent, for a nickel 92 percent, 92 percent for dollar machines, and 87 percent for megabucks machines? 


    For one thing, slot machines take up very little thinking, and in the case of the megabuck's machines, there's a chance you can win up to $10 million or more. Wow, that will change your life. 


    Casinos make money in 2 ways. One of course is the house odds, which are readily available, but the other is in the amount of use of the gaming table or slot machines. 


    If a casino is 70 percent slots, but only 10 percent of gamblers are playing slots, the casino makes money. 


    Two of the most popular games in the casino per square foot are poker and roulette. 

    There may be only two or three roulette tables at a physical casino, but from morning to night, those roulette tables will be full or near full.  


    Similarly, a typical physical casino will run around 6 to 8 poker games. Poker is a big casino earner for the casino relative to players, but not so big overall as few players consider themselves to have the skill to play poker.  


    As to which games are the most fun, I personally vote for roulette. It's very relaxing as well as a very social game that everyone playing seems to enjoy.  


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